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This single astrology factor reveals the essence of your business

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At some point, every business owner asks:

  • What is the essence of my company?
  • How is it adding value in the market?
  • And how do we keep increasing sales and customer satisfaction?

To find the answers, they might speak with fellow business owners, hire a consultant or simply cut-and-paste strategies from the competition.

And they’ll soon find: there is no one-size-fits-all solution, no single right answer for every question. Because each business is unique.

While one business might thrive thanks to extensive online marketing, another finds success in a dedicated sales force that guides customers to purchase.

But how do you choose the right strategy for your business? How can you tell what sets your company apart and what ‘edge’ you have in the market?

One place that holds all the clues is your business horoscope. Yes, you heard that right. A horoscope maps the planets in the sky, and shows what subtle beliefs shaped your business in the earliest stage. Turning those beliefs into assets that work for (rather than against) your business will multiply your chances of success.

Interpreting a business horoscope is, of course, a complex matter. You have planets, zodiac signs and houses to account for – and even just one different placement influences the system.

But if you want a quick and simple answer, you may want to look for a single factor that reveals the essence of your business.

And that’s a STELLIUM – a group of 3 or more planets in one zodiac sign of your business’s horoscope.

The meaning of a stellium

A stellium shows you the dominant energy in a horoscope. For example, a business with a stellium in Aries will have a strong, outward energy that can be channelled to explore new terrain. Meanwhile a business with a stellium in Scorpio has more inward, emotional energy that it can leverage to build close bonds.

Mastering the respective energies in a business horoscope is the foundation for its success. A business with an Aries stellium that doesn’t explore a foreign market, might for example, find competitors from abroad eating away at its domestic market share. Similarly, a company with a Gemini stellium that fails to invest in the local network might struggle to distribute its products effectively.

Of course, there are many ways in which businesses can use the energy shown in a stellium. They might express their dominant energy through the industry in which they operate, the emphasis on specific company functions or through individual roles.

A business with a stellium in Libra might, for example, supply make-up and costumes to national theatres, shape customer perception through its public relations department or invest in one-on-one sales and negotiation to win large contracts from customers.

As you can see, these are all very different ways of doing business. But what they have in common is that they express the outward-oriented Libra energy of pleasant and harmonious exchange.

Now suppose your business doesn’t have a stellium in Libra, but in one of the other zodiac signs. Then you might be wondering what its dominant energy is and how it can be expressed.

In that case, just look at the table below to find the essence of your business and some examples of how you can fulfil it through the sector in which you operate, or by focussing on specific business functions and roles.

Interpretation of dominant zodiac signs in business horoscopes

SignPrinciple (essence)Economic sectorsCompany functionsCompany roles (examples)
AriesExploration of new terrainMetal production, resource extractionBusiness development, procurementBusiness Development Manager
TaurusStabilisationAgriculture, housing/real estate, insurance, storage,Finance,Accountant, resource manager,
GeminiShort-distance networksPublic transport, logistics, telecommunications, basic educationCommunicationsHead of Communications
CancerEmotionsFood, nursing, childcare, hospitalityEmployee wellbeing, customer satisfactionEmployee wellbeing coordinator
LeoSelf-presentation,Entertainment, marketing,LeadershipCEO, public speaker
VirgoAnalysis, serviceData brokerageMarket research, customer serviceData analyst, operations manager
LibraBalance, negotiation, mediationBeauty, fashion, art, culture,Sales, marketing, public relationsSales rep,
ScorpioShadows, secrets, attachmentSurveillance, banking, IT, intelligence, funeral servicesInformation technology,Head of IT
SagittariusExpanding one’s horizon, new world views and ideologiesLife advice, coaching, travel, tourism, higher education,Training and people developmentCoach, mentor, trainer,
CapricornStructure, hierarchy, bureaucracyState, large corporations,Payroll administration, governanceBoard of directors, Compliance manager
AquariusInnovation, groups, sharing novel ideasCryptocurrency, artificial intelligence,New product developmentHead of Innovation
PiscesPerception vs. illusionMedia, film, pharmaceuticals, prisons, Head of Multimedia, creator

Will the dominant energy always manifest in a company’s choice of industry or business function? No. It could just as well be expressed through the company culture or its outward-facing marketing.

The exact way in which the dominant energy of a business manifests also depends on the planets (and thereby energetic influences) that give rise to the stellium.

A business with Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aries may, for instance, assert itself in new markets by communicating its leadership role. Meanwhile another business with Sun, Venus and Saturn in Aries may succeed when leaders harmonise and structure competing forces in their respective teams.

But even then, there are more nuances to consider. After all, you might now have a few different strategies that could all lead to success. To tell which of these strategies is best for your business – you can look at the context in which the stellium is embedded in your business’s founding chart.

If that sounds interesting, you continue reading this article and learn how to analyse the full business horoscope.

Frequently asked questions

Do all business horoscopes have a stellium?

Not all horoscopes will have 3 or more planets in one zodiac sign. Many business horoscopes don’t have a stellium, but will have a few stronger energies that can be harmonised and expressed. Want to know where to find these energies? Then read these article about to learn more about analysing a business horoscope.

How can I tell if my business horoscope has a stellium?

Look at the planets and zodiac signs in your business horoscope. If you find three or more planets in a single sign – then you’ve found a stellium. Look up that zodiac sign in the table above to reveal the essence (dominant energy) of your business.

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