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5 Business Models that Will Grow in the Current Pluto-Uranus Cycle

The Pluto-Uranus cycle shows which technologies play a key role in further developing the business world and become a new leitmotif for society at large.

Since the last Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo (in the 1960s) we have seen the rise of the service and information sector. On the one hand, computers and networks have created new business models, from online retail to search advertising. On the other hand, the Internet has drastically changed how companies operate even in traditional fields – like agriculture or industrial production.

The current Pluto-Uranus cycle lasts until the late 2040s, so we can expect ongoing innovation in the IT and service sphere in the coming decades. It may include further advancements in artificial intelligence, increasingly complex computing algorithms and the growth of the service economy.

As part of this cycle, we are currently approaching a trine between Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini, which will peak in the second half of the 2020s.

The Pluto-Uranus trine has historically been linked to innovations that became a powerful driver and leitmotif for the economy. The trines in the 1770s and 1880s, for example, coincided with the invention of the steam engine, the first prototype of an electric telegram and the first combustion-engine automobile. These technologies, and their improved iterations, significantly increased opportunities for trading resources, moving people and exchanging ideas in the decades that followed.

It’s likely that we’ll see similar advancements as we approach the Pluto-Uranus trine. We may hear about new innovations in logistics and communication (Uranus in Gemini), enabled by developments in the service and information economy.

But which specific business models and sectors can we expect to grow and change in the current phase of the Pluto-Uranus cycle? Here are 4 areas in which you can expect big shifts:

1. Subscription services

Many products that we own today will be made available on a leasing-type business model, where we pay for the right to use or access a resource for a specific amount of time, often on a subscription model.

Whereas we would previously buy and own goods – like cars, food and household appliances – we will see more and more companies package their physical products in a service-based offering.

Many software vendors, for example, are shifting from one-time purchases to licence-based offerings with continuous updates and new features included at purchase.

And the same is true for many other industries. Consider, for instance:

  • Lease and rental subscriptions as an alternative to car ownership
  • Weekly grocery deliveries as a substitute for trips to the supermarket
  • Streaming services and digital libraries with monthly access fees vs. a shrinking market for DVDs and print books

Astrologically, this can be linked to Pluto in Virgo, or the principle of using products only when needed so as to increase efficiency and reduce resource consumption. And indeed, the Pluto in Virgo generation, which exhibits a strong desire for optimising processes and improving sustainability, is currently one of the most influential in the economy.

The rising popularity of subscription services will go hand-in-hand with the sharing economy. This is because collaboration and sharing of ideas and resources are encouraged under Pluto in Aquarius (from 2023 until 2043).

Questions to consider:

  • What services offer ongoing value to your customers?
  • What customer needs are best met by a pay-per-use or subscription model?

2. Information processing

Along with the rise in subscription services, the technology on which such systems are built is also likely to change in the coming decades.

In particular, we can expect large corporations and highly-specialised tech companies to invest in new research and discover mor effective ways of processing and analysing information.

We can expect innovation and new opportunities in any of these areas:

  • Measurement and reporting: e.g. website, ecommerce or blockchain analytics
  • Market research
  • Systems for organising customer, prospect and business information
  • Data aggregation from scrapers, data miners and AI-based data synthesising tools
  • Algorithms that execute ever-more sophisticated tasks based on available data (e.g. recommendation systems, generative AI, multimodal machine learning, robotics, etc.)

But as we approach the trine between Pluto and Uranus in 2027-2028, technologies that change how we communicate and network in particular, are likely to be at the forefront of developments in information technology, bringing about pivotal shifts in the global economy.

These technologies can become very accessible and widespread, as sharing of resources is encouraged under Pluto in Aquarius. That said, they become a strategic advantage only to businesses who use them effectively – be it to improve customer communications, simplify operations or create offers that match precisely what prospects want.  

Questions to consider:

  • How can you organise information in your business more effectively?
  • What insights from your data can you use to improve operations?

3. Holistic health

An ageing and increasingly sick population, coupled with more awareness for health and wellbeing, will lead to massive growth in the health industry.

So long as Pluto is Aquarius, advancements in healthcare will primarily be driven by health research and new medical technologies, including gene editing with CRISPR, human augmentation through implants, chips and nanobots, as well as attempts to develop superhuman capabilities such as telepathy (or thought transmission) and connect the brains of multiple individuals.

Researchers may also find new ways to numb human consciousness – essentially building on the discovery of anaesthesia in the previous Pluto-Uranus cycle. However, this time round the conjunction of Pluto and Uranus was in Virgo, so such drugs are likely to numb emotions and analytical abilities (Virgo), rather than knock you unconscious, as under Pluto-Uranus in Aries.

Meanwhile, businesses outside the health industry thrive when they consider the health and wellbeing of the people, communities and environment they work in.  The dogmatic focus on performance, status and outcomes (which we’ve seen under Pluto in Capricorn) will no longer yield sustainable, long-term results.

While technology may be touted as a cure for any and all diseases in the coming years, by the 2040s, we will also see increasing consideration for the spiritual and mental dimension of health. This could for example, manifest through subconscious healing (e.g. meditation, hypnosis and other mental techniques) or new drugs, that may come with a risk of addiction or certain mental side effects.

Question to consider:

  • What technologies can support the wellbeing and health of your employees?
  • How can you ensure the work of your employees doesn’t negatively impact their health?

4. Lightweight logistics and transport

The Pluto-Uranus trine in 2027/2028 will also coincide with new technologies in the world of transport and communications.

We may see drones being used for freight and delivery, perhaps replacing trucks at the last mile or even across longer distances, for transporting lightweight objects. Drone rentals could also be made available as a service, provided the technology evolves sufficiently.

Possible revolutions in technology and power as Pluto and Uranus move through the zodiac

It is possible that nuclear energy becomes the dominant fuel source for movement or that technologies like magnetic levitation replace fuel and electricity altogether. Even today, some trains use electromagnetic propulsion to transport passengers from A to B, but the next few years could see the mass adoption of such technologies.  

Question to consider:

  • How can you get ideas, people and resources from A to B more quickly?

5. Decentralised networks

While Pluto in Capricorn was all about centralising power, power will likely be decentralised and handed back to the people during the Pluto in Aquarius transit. Considering Pluto in Aquarius in the context of the trine to Uranus in Gemini, we may see a rise in online communities, digital memberships and decentralised networks.

This may include:

  • Decentralised messaging: where data doesn’t pass through one large entity, but instead directly from device to device or later, from person to person.
  • Decentralised social networks run by members of the community
  • Local news networks informing people in a specific region about events in their community

The result of this is likely to be a more pluralistic economy shaped by multi-optionality. This means that individuals are likely to be spoilt for choice between slightly different products, services and companies and may have trouble finding the best option for their needs.

That said, the speed in which individuals opt into and out of these networks, products and communities is also likely to increase, as people opt to maximise the value they gain in a market with such a plurality of offers.

Questions to consider:

  • Can decentralised networks add value to your business and your customers?
  • How would a shift from centralised to decentralised modes of communication impact your business?