Flowcharts can help you figure out what stands in the way of achieving a specific goal.

Scientific basis for flowcharts

Flowcharts are based on the idea that all matter is connected. This means that any change we make can influence thoughts, behaviours and outcomes. The scientific literature on quantum physics confirms that everything is energy, and that everything emerges from the fluctuation of energy or the interaction between different energy fields. (=law of attraction).

You can identify weakening influences using these flowcharts, and then transform into a form of energy that supports your goal.

How to use these flowcharts

The items in each flowchart are numbered to speed up the testing process. You can work with these flowcharts in any way you like. Testing for weakening influences can be done using:

  • Kinesiologic tests
  • Tensors
  • Lie detectors or polygraphs
  • Devices that can detect your emotions
  • Intuitive methods
  • Other types of test

List of flowcharts

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Credits: Many thanks to Andreas Rebmann for inspiring me to create this flowchart section.