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The Pluto-Uranus Cycle: A Predictor of Tech Power in the Economy

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Astrological cycles have been linked with different trends and developments in society, technology and culture. Saturn-Pluto, for example, shows which laws, institutions and hierarchies exert power within the collective. Saturn-Neptune cycles, on the other hand, coincide with the erosion of structures and systems that no longer add value to society.

The Pluto-Uranus cycle

Among all astrological cycles, Pluto-Uranus is particularly interesting for business owners, because it shows which new technologies are introduced in the market with the potential of challenging established economic power structures. Pluto-Uranus also shows which revolutionary ideas seep into the collective and become a new leitmotif for the masses.

Pluto-Uranus Conjunction in Leo: The Monarchy rules

From the early 1700s to the 1850s, agriculture was the primary form of business in the economy. Kingdoms were governed by monarchs and local rulers who managed land use and production within their territory.

The masses were engaged in heavy manual labour for the benefit of a select few, and high levels of taxation meant that wealth was distributed unevenly in society.

This disbalance led to frustration among common people, and the masses soon began revolting and challenging their leaders. Revolutionary sentiment peaked in the late 1700s, at the height of the Pluto-Uranus Opposition – and brought about the French and American revolution.

The invention of the guillotine caused a huge of number of deaths, as many kings, noblemen and members of the upper classes were beheaded. After the revolutions, the power of the monarchy was restricted, making way for a new form of government based on a constitution.

Pluto-Uranus Conjunction in Aries: The Industrial Revolution begins

By the 1850s, technology for resource extraction and production (Uranus in Aries) began to change. Inventions such as the cotton gin, electric generators and the first machines enabled the mass production of goods at an increasing pace.

The first factories emerged, and industrial manufacturing rose to new heights. With the increasing scale of production, new systems were needed to transport raw materials in bulk and distribute goods.

Many innovations in transport and communication emerged at this time – including the steam engine, railway lines and radio and telephone transmission.

The development of new technologies peaked around 1900, when Pluto in Gemini opposed Uranus in Sagittarius. We can trace back the first advances in aviation, including the invention the Zeppelin, as well as the precursor of television, the motion picture to this time.

Pluto-Uranus Conjunction in Virgo: The Rise of the Service Economy

While industrial production continued to rise well into the early 20th century, the 1960s brought a paradigm shift in the global economy. People became concerned about the environmental impact of production and inventions like the microprocessor and computer networks kicked off the service and information economy that we know today.

Pluto-Uranus and the development of the economy

In the current economic cycle, which lasts until 2104, ever more advanced technologies for collecting and analysing information will develop. We’ve already seen this with the rise of the internet – which is one big web of data – and the increasing sophistication of AI tools for text, image and audio processing.

In the current Pluto-Uranus cycle, access to valuable information is a key competitive advantage for businesses – so much so that “data is the new gold” has become the leitmotiv of our time.

The square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries in 2015 saw a particular rise in power among large institutions and corporations, as they are well-positioned to research and capitalise on expensive technologies for information processing such as wearables, smart devices and the cryptocurrency.

We can expect the service and information economy to peak in 2048, when Pluto in Pisces opposes Uranus in Virgo.

A Look into The Future: the Pluto-Uranus opposition in 2048

By the time Pluto in Pisces opposes Uranus in Virgo, we can see seismic shifts in health care, media, spirituality and the non-profit sector.

Pluto in Pisces indicates a deep transformation of the health industry. There are 3 scenarios that come to mind for this time:

  1. Sudden breakthroughs and discoveries in health research

During their research, scientists might come across and develop new drugs for treating diseases previously deemed ‘incurable’. They might also find increasingly powerful drugs that numb the body and the mind.

New chemical compounds or combinations that have a desirable effect on health give increasing power to medical research and the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Drugs for entertainment and escapism

The use of perception-altering drugs might become normalised as a form of escapism, therapy or entertainment. Narcotics may be a means to (temporarily) relieve pain and discomfort, and open the mind to new perceptions and perspectives.

However, misuse and abuse of narcotics may also lead to a denial of reality, as some people prefer to stay in the illusions of their drug-induced states. Drug addiction might be on the rise.

3. The ‘wheat is separated from the chaff’ in spiritual medicine and health

New research techniques and statical tools may allow us to analyse and verify the effectiveness of alternative health treatments. We could discover that some proponents of spiritual medicine were in fact in conmen, while others produced recurring healing effects in their patients.

The mind-body connection and the power of the mind in healing may become more appreciated in the health sector, perhaps as a response to the rise of mental health issues and the growing popularity of meditation.  

Alternative realities in film and media

The media are one of the key industries alongside health care that will undergo a significant transformation as we move towards the Pluto-Uranus opposition.

In the next two decades, advancements in image and sound technology will blur the lines between what is real and what is fake, creating a world that can blend multiple realities into one.

The 3D world as we know it today could become a canvas for the illusory realm of the metaverse, which would be home to many virtual objects and personas that we interact with every day.

Researchers can already generate authentic-looking videos and images based on existing data points, but as machine learning and AI becomes more and more refined, the output of these technologies will become (almost) indistinguishable from human-generated content. Whether we can identify data-powered ‘simulations of reality’ will depend less and less on our standard sense perception and increasingly on our intuition.

The superimposition of the virtual world on the real world will surely bring about useful business applications, and provide new forms of entertainment. But as with any media technology, it comes with the risk that those who own the data and the algorithms create ‘fake realities’ to manipulate and steer the masses.

The non-profit sector: a new form of service

In the years leading up to the Pluto-Uranus opposition, we can expect the non-profit sector continue to grow in power, and become an established force within the overall economy. Affluent donors and widespread appreciation for service and care within the community may increase the influence of charities and NGOs.

In addition to the growth of non-profits, we may also see a new ideal of service.

This new ideal could mark a shift away from say, building wells and shipping food, to showing people how they themselves can develop secure food and water supplies. That would mean an increasing focus on personal and spiritual empowerment.

With Uranus in Virgo, digital aid could emerge as a whole new category of serving and giving back to the community. Perhaps those most vulnerable will be supported through digital means, through training and education over the Internet, or even through robots and AI as digital servants that can be deployed to secure the livelihood and wellbeing of the most vulnerable.

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