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While traditional astrology can help us better understand ourselves, business astrology allows us to see the potential and challenges of a whole company.

Using the date and place of incorporation, astrologers can make inferences about a company’s culture, values and goals, as well as suggesting what dates may be favourable for specific business activity. In this article, we’ll look at how astrology can be applied to understand a company’s communication style and strategy.

Sign placement of mercury

The planet Mercury is associated with communication – so the sign in which it is placed can tell us how a particular company chooses to communicate and what communication style would suit it best.

How to I find out what sign Mercury is in?

Using the date and place of incorporation, you can enter that into a common astrology tool such as Astro-Seek, which will automatically generate a horoscope for your company. Scroll down to the section “Mercury” and you will find it says “Mercury in [name of sign]”

Mercury in Aries

A company with Mercury in Aries can communicate in a very fiery, bold and almost forceful way. This is where we see companies taking initiative, sometimes communicating before they are truly ready, simply to be the first. They may pick up on trends quickly, and can come across as courageous and energetic in their communication.

Mercury in Taurus

Companies with Mercury in Taurus tend to be very consistent in their communication. They might publish one piece of company news a week, no matter what has happened inside, because they see this as a way to build stability (and potentially wealth). Companies with Mercury in Taurus are also likely to focus on a few topics in their messaging over and over again.

Mercury in Gemini

Companies with Mercury in Gemini can be very lively, enthusiastic in their communication. They may be seen as curious, inquisitive and knowledgeable, especially if they choose to share their ideas in a witty or novel way. A Mercury in Gemini placement also suggests that the company may experiment with different platforms, channels and styles of communication, and appreciates variety in its messaging.

Mercury in Cancer

A business with Mercury in Cancer may communicate in a nurturing way, with a strong focus on emotional stability. Mercury in Cancer placements are typical of businesses that favour traditional family values, and seek to provide support to potential customers through their communication. This can manifest in well thought out “help pages” and call scripts that focus not just on the practical side of a problem, but particularly take the expected emotional state of the customer into account.

Mercury in Leo

Businesses with Mercury in Leo will often seek to position themselves as thought leaders in their chosen area. They come across as confident in themselves – thanks to communication that celebrates glamour and being the spotlight. Companies with Mercury with in Leo may also have (overly) generous marketing budgets, so they can be centre stage.

Mercury in Virgo

A company with Mercury in Virgo might communicate in a very organised, pure and almost perfectionist way. This is typically shows in websites with a lot of white space, neatly organised campaigns with high alignment between different channels (e.g. ad, landing page, and downloadable sset). Generally, companies with Mercury in Virgo will also be relatively modest in their communication – so it’s unlikely that we’ll see exaggerated claims, pushy communication, and unrealistic promises. Instead, they will typically be analytical and precise and practically minded in their outward communication.

Mercury in Libra

Balanced communication is key for companies with Mercury in Libra. Brands with this placement may present topics from different angles – e.g. by interviewing guests from different companies on their podcast, or choosing to communicate in a harmonic way across different channels. A company with Mercury in Libra is also likely to communicate in an aesthetically pleasing way – whether through immaculate sales slides and stunningly beautiful imagery.

Mercury in Scorpio

Companies with Mercury in Scorpio will often choose a deeply transformative communication style. They may pinpoint faults and uncover secrets from their competitors, or portray situations in an extreme way to change people’s original perspective. Brands with Mercury in Scorpio may also use somewhat mysterious or cryptic messaging to hint at new developments (e.g. in the run-up to a product launch). They can also instil a sense of wonder and fascination in their audience.

Mercury in Sagittarius

A Mercury in Sagittarius placement is typical for companies that communicate in an expansive way, celebrating travel (of the mind) and new ideas. Companies with this placement can be quite philosophical, perhaps even academic, in their communication, with a strong focus on the big picture. They may portray themselves as carefree and cheerful.

Mercury in Capricorn

Companies with Mercury in Capricorn will often choose an orderly, firm and status-driven communication style. They will tend to adhere to traditional marketing channels or established rules and protocols for communicating. Their messaging tends to be ambitious, yet realistic, with marketers potentially presenting the company as enduring and hard-working even in the face of challenges.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius shows a company that sets its own rules and enjoys challenging the status-quo in its communication. A company with this placement can embody progressive values and freedom of expression, as well as choosing an unconventional style for its copy and imagery, especially relative to other companies in the same industry. At their very best, companies with Mercury in Aquarius may revolutionise communication and position themselves as a friendly community.

Mercury in Pisces

For companies with Mercury in Pisces, communication may run below the surface, and not be immediately visible. They may for example, hide contact information in unconventional places, which can make them hard to get hold of, unless you understand their intuitive nature. Messages from companies with Mercury in Pisces are likely to be compassionate and helpful, and personalised or adapted for individual customers.

Planets in the sign of Gemini

As one of the signs ruled by Mercury, Gemini highlights areas of self-expression and communication. Therefore, planet placements in Gemini may show which areas are emphasised in business communication.

Sun in Gemini

With a Sun in Gemini placement, a company may seek to emphasise its identity, vitality and areas in which it shines (=strengths).

Moon in Gemini

With a Moon in Gemini placement, businesses tend to emphasise how people inside the organisation feel. They may aim to portray a secure working environment, with a focus on building nurturing communities.

Mercury in Gemini

A Mercury in Gemini placement hints at a company that highlights their latest travel and communication initiatives. Expect stories about workations, offsites and international trips, as well as events and exhibitions. 

Venus in Gemini

Businesses with a Venus in Gemini placement may highlight aesthetics, beauty and loving relationships in their communication. The newest office design, close-knit connections within teams, as well as company values and resources can all be popular topics of conversation.

Mars in Gemini

Communication from businesses with Mars in Gemini is likely to be very actionable. Expect updates on what has been accomplished, ambitious goals, and how the company is moving towards them.

Jupiter in Gemini

Businesses with Jupiter in Gemini may highlight areas of growth and expansion. The new office in another city, increased sales performance and financial success can be areas that the company chooses to share.

Saturn in Gemini

Companies with Saturn in Gemini may focus on organisational structure and realistic portrayals of past or ongoing projects that require discipline to complete. They may also be relatively open to addressing fears (of the company’s staff or customers) in their communication.

Uranus in Gemini

Novelty, revolutionary discoveries and sudden eccentric changes are typical areas of communication for a company with a Uranus in Gemini placement. In a company with a conservative or traditional culture, communication is likely to focus on what is somehow different or stands out from the norms.

Neptune in Gemini

Ideals, vision and lofty aspirations, as well as creative pursuits, can be at the forefront of communications for a company with a Neptune in Mercury placement. Businesses with this placement may also highlight the intangible and focus on the invisible benefits of their product or service.

Pluto in Gemini

Companies with Pluto in Gemini may emphasise transformation and changes (in power) within their organisation. Pluto is also associated with renewal and rebirth, so you may see a new direction or path following leadership changes, layoffs, etc. highlighted in communications.

Mercury aspects to other planets

In astrology, aspects show how planets affect each other. Do they support and reinforce each other or do they highlight areas of conflict?

The main aspects in astrology are:

  • Trines – planetspositionedat 30° from each other. This indicates a positive influence between the two planets.
  • Sextiles – planets positioned at 60° from each other. There will be mild support and reinforcement between the areas of the two planets.
  • Opposition – planets positioned diametrically opposite each other (180°). Two conflicting poles, planets are likely to tug a business into two different directions, unless this aspect can be acknowledged and brought in harmony.
  • Square – planets positioned at 90° from each other. This hints at obstacles or blocks that can be overcome by adopting a new mindset or choosing different actions.
  • Conjunction – planets positioned at 0° from each other. This shows that the planets concentrate in the same area.

How I analyse aspects to Mercury

  1. What sign is Mercury placed in?
    1. What does this mean?
  2. What other planet(s) does Mercury have an aspect to?
    1. At what degree?
    1. What does this tell us about the type of relationship?
  3. What sign is the other planet in?
    1. What is the meaning of that placement by itself?
  4. How can we bring all of this together?

Example: Mercury in Gemini conjunct Venus

Suppose a company has the placement “Mercury in Gemini conjunct Venus”. Following the steps above, we can infer the following:

  1. Mercury in Gemini suggests that the company communicates to exchange ideas (Mercury) in a lively, fast-paced, possibly abrupt way, and may experiment with a variety of communication channels and styles (Gemini).
  2. There is a conjunction (0°) between Mercury and Venus.
  3. Venus is the planet of values (Taurus), possessions (Taurus), aesthetics (Libra) and relationships (Libra). Venus in Gemini may suggest that the company communicates in a relationship-building, aesthetically-pleasing way (Venus – Libra), and may be very consistent (Taurus) in their messaging.

We are likely to see a company that communicates quickly in a variety of different styles, perhaps experimenting with longer or shorter content, or different formats (writing, podcasts, video). But no matter which channel and style they chose, their communication is likely to focus on connecting with their audience in an aesthetically beautiful way. They are likely to be consistent in the frequency of communication (Venus in Gemini), but may at times make sudden changes to adapt to new communication technologies (Mercury in Gemini). This business will thrive when it can bring together the need for experimentation and novel ideas (Mercury in Gemini) with the consistency required to build relationships with their target group (Venus in Gemini).

Example: Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn

  1. Mercury in Aries – fiery, forceful, bold and fast, sometimes pre-mature, but highly energetic communication.
  2. Mercury square (90°) Saturn – fear, structure, discipline or order may restrict, or be an obstacle to communication.
  3. Saturn in Capricorn – Building structure (Saturn) in a disciplined way (Capricorn). Restricted by fear (Saturn) of authority or people in power (Capricorn).

This business has the potential to communicate very quickly, and in a highly energetic way. It may be known for fast responses to inquiries or the near-instant publication of news. But in order to use speed and strength (Aries) as an advantage in its communication (Mercury), the company likely has to build structures (Saturn) behind the scenes in a disciplined way (Capricorn). A clear roadmap, plan and processes (Saturn) are what makes fast-paced communication (Mercury in Aries) possible. The company may also need to take care that bold communication (Mercury in Aries) is not restricted by a fear (Saturn) of being disciplined or challenged by people in positions of authority and power (Capricorn).

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