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A tidy office is easier to work in than one with heaps of paper on your desk and dirt gathering on the floor. That’s why most companies hire cleaners and encourage staff to keep their workspaces neat and organised.

While we do a fine job stopping dust from piling up in our offices, few of us also make the effort to clear our workspaces of negative emotions. But just like specs of dust accumulate over time, negative emotions also build up in our offices.

Just watch young graduates who join customer support. On day one, they come to work, beaming and happy. But as they take more and more calls from despairing and frustrated customers, you can see the negativity they receive seep through into their own life.

Good relationships break down, they argue with family and friends and may even spiral into anxiety, depression or other health problems. Taking calls from unhappy customers often manifests negativity in their life.

But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a business owner or employee, you can take steps to clean the mental and emotional space in which you work. This helps you stay happy, be productive and ultimately enjoy your life more.

Let me show you three ways to remove negative energy in your workplace and create a positive business environment.

The magic broom

Imagine you have a long white broom. The broom is filled with golden light that illuminates even the darkest corners of your office.

You hold the broomstick in your hands and start sweeping the floor. The broom shines its golden light onto the mat at the entrance and the carpet in front you. You sweep the hallway with the broom, allowing it to take away all angry footprints from people who entered the building. As you sweep, the broom converts all the pent-up frustration into joy and fulfilment and illuminates the hallway in radiant gold.

Once the hallway is beaming, you starting cleaning your office. First, you ask the broom to remove any negativity that has piled up on the floor in the course of your work. The broom swiftly brushes all your problems aside and discards the remains in a golden dustbin, which you promptly clear out.

Then, you request a softer brush from the magic broom to help clear more fragile surfaces. The soft brush cleanses the top of shelves and cupboards, and wipes your desk clean. It hands your favourite pen some renewed excitement and leaves a stamp of happiness on your trackpad.

Recall your broom’s magic abilities: it gives your office all the energy it needs, from optimism and productivity to deep joy and fulfilment. Just tell the broom what it should do and it will duly clean your office in the best way.

The magic broom is a great tool for dusting off your office space. But what if you’re working most online and want to get rid of the negativity on your devices? That’s where the magnet can take over.

The magnet

The magnet wipe negative energy from screens, laptop and tools that you work with. Just like moths move to a source of light, negative emotions are attracted to powerful magnetic force.

Your struggles with badly-designed software, angry messages from customers, and an anxious note from your colleagues – they are eager to leave your hard drive and lured to the positive side of your magnet. On your command, the magnet work its magic and transforms all negative forces into any state you desire.

That seeping conflict you had with your supplier? No need to worry. The magnet has taken all negativity out of the conversation and given your laptop the inspiration to help you negotiate a favourable solution for both sides.

After the magnet soaked up and transformed all visible problems, you can ask it to activate its super power mode. In this state, the magnet detects and removes bugs, malware and ‘phishing rods’ and sets the wires and chips back onto the optimal energetic frequency. It perfects the flow of the electric current with so much joy that your devices support you in the pursuit of your higher goals.

The only place where negative emotions could now be hiding is mid-air. But thankfully, the wind and sun are on our side.

Wind and sunlight

If you’ve spent all day indoor, the air in your room might feel heavy as if it was right before a thunderstorm. While you working, the air took up all the wasted energy, discarded ideas and problems that no one has attended to.

By opening up your windows, wind and sun will clear these out. Open those windows wide and let the stress of the past days disappear into the vast expanse outside. See how a fresh breeze carries new energy into your workspace and tickles your face until you feel refreshed and excited to work on your projects.

Now imagine it’s a beautiful day and the sun shines right into the room. The powerful rays energise all particles that haven’t yet been touched by broom, magnet or wind and until there is an optimistic sparkle in your eyes, because you know that your office is perfectly clean and soaked in positive energy.

Further tips

You can free your office space from negative energy in any way you like. The magic broom, magnet, wind and sunlight are just a few tools like to use. Feel free to choose your equipment – all you need for your cleaning kit is something that can remove negativity and transform it into positive energy.

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