7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Marketing Channels

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A successful marketing campaign doesn’t start on launch day – before that comes the careful, thoughtful choice of marketing channels. The right tools, the right channels, and you’re on a path to success. The wrong tools, the wrong channels, and … you can guess where that leads.

But how do you choose marketing channels that fit your business? How do you know which channels can lead to results – and which, though useful to another brand –aren’t a good match for your priorities?

Consider these 7 factors when choosing marketing channels for your business:

1. Marketing objective: What are you trying to accomplish?

Do you want to build a strong brand, generate leads or drive sales for your business? Depending on your objective, you’ll want to look for different marketing channels.

After all, a loyalty program won’t help much if what you really want to do is increase visibility for your business. And perhaps starting a blog isn’t the best fit if you’re after hard and fast sales.

So, spend some time thinking about what it is you really want to accomplish, what’s the ultimate goal behind your marketing. And then once you know your objective, the rest will follow.

2. Budget: How much can you afford to spend?

For many companies, their budget will be their main constraint in choosing marketing channels. You don’t want to invest in a shoddy TV commercial, whose low production value shows on screen – when you could be doing something 10x more effective.

Perhaps a low – budget alternative can give you similar publicity as a national TV commercial – if you invest the time. And no matter what your goal, you can usually make up for a lack of money, with an investment in time, energy and creativity.

That said, it pays to realistic about how much you can afford to spend – not just upfront, but on an ongoing basis. How much are you really willing and able to invest in this marketing channel?

3. Skills: How can you play to your team’s strengths?

Maybe you are a connoisseur of fine arts, a master at calligraphy or a data-driven video editor? Perhaps your teams’ organisational skills are unrivalled by competitors in the market?

Choose marketing channels that play to your strengths and set your business apart. You’ll have a much easier time growing awareness, interest and sales for your company when you use skills at your disposal.  

4. Time to result: How quickly do you need results?

There are businesses that have quarterly targets to hit, and others that look for the long-term wins. Some channels serve the former, with almost instant feedback, while others take time to build. Paid search ads, for example, can drive traffic and sales to your site tomorrow, but as soon as you stop, traction slows down.

Meanwhile blogs, whitepapers and e-mail funnels take momentum to build, but bring disproportionate wins if you commit to them long enough. Think about your timeline and choose channels that fit.

5. Target audience: Who are you trying to reach?

Some products and services are targeted at a very specific group of people – say single mums who can’t afford tuition for their children, or a twenty-something with a passion for gaming. If that’s the case for your business too, you can tailor communications specifically your niche (whatever it may be), and connect with prospects and customers on channels they already use.

But if you’re going for the mass market, you might want to cast a wider net. Know your people, and you can go where they are.

6. Level of digitisation: How tech-savvy is your audience?

Your ideal customer might live in cyberspace or refuse all contact with digital technology. If your audience is online, that’s the best place to reach them, but if they prefer traditional, face-to-face, telephone or mail interactions, then those channels might be a bigger bet.

7. Scale, personalisation or both?

Do want to write just a few keystrokes for hundreds of people – or carefully craft a personal note that speaks directly to a handful of prospects? Do you want to send a message that says “I get you?” or get your brand on everyone’s radar?

Some marketing channels will let you reach lots of people in just a few clicks – while others are made for 1-1 communication. Choose the channels that fit your message most.

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