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Marketing mindset

You can use this flowchart to transform negative beliefs about marketing and develop a mindset that helps you grow your business in line with your values.

Being seen and putting yourself out there

Negative beliefPositive alternative
I feel uncomfortable in the spotlightI feel comfortable being seen. I think it’s great when people can see the value that I offer.
I don’t want to be seen.I feel comfortable when people see me. Being seen means that I can engage with and develop genuine connections with the people around me.
I am afraid people will judge me when I put myself out there.People might judge me no matter what I do. But their judgement is merely a reflection of their beliefs. It is okay when other people judge me. The most important thing is that I feel like I am doing the right thing. There will probably always be critics. But I can choose whether I live by the norms, values and judgements of other people or whether I live my own life the way I want to. People have every right to criticise me, I have every right to ignore their criticism and judgement. There will always be people who dislike me and that is fine. I don’t need to appeal to everyone. What matters is that I like myself.  
I feel too scared to talk about my business.I am excited to talk about my business and share my ideas with the people around me.
I don’t deserve to talk about my business.Every person has the right to speak about what matters to them. I am speaking about my business that is what I care about.
What if people think I’m stupid?Other people’s beliefs are reflection of their mindset. I can choose whether I think their beliefs matter. If other people think I’m stupid, that’s their problem. And their loss too. Because they’ll miss out on things that could be valuable.
Promoting my business makes me look arrogant and full of myself.Promoting myself is the right thing to do when I can add value to other people’s lives. I promote my business in a humble way,When people think I look arrogant, I am merely reflecting their own arrogance back to them.
I don’t want to be seen as sleazy.I communicate in a way that is fair and honest across all my business relationships. Other people can judge me or even label me as sleazy, because that is their perception. What matters is that I feel good about how I run and promote my business.

Promoting your brand

Negative beliefPositive alternative
What if people don’t like my brand?People don’t have to like my brand.I’ll build a brand I like first, and then we’ll see what other people think later.
I feel like a fraudI aspire to use my marketing knowledge in the most honest and ethical way. I may not always be perfect, but I will do what I think is right.
I feel guilty about promoting my brand.The guilt am I feeling is an emotion. It doesn’t mean that promoting my brand is a bad thing to do. I will take the time to understand the deeper reasons for this feeling of guilt around branding and self-promotion.
I feel guilty for trying to sell things.The guilt am I feeling is an emotion. It doesn’t mean that selling things is a bad thing to do. In fact, many people will happily pay for the value I offer. I will take the time to understand the deeper reasons for this feeling of guilt around sales.

Charging for your offer

Negative beliefPositive alternative
I feel bad asking for other people’s money.I feel comfortable asking other people to pay, because I know that I provide equal value to them in return. I see business transactions as a way to exchange value.People will appreciate my product or service more when I ask them to pay.
I feel like I am squeezing money out of my customers.I feel comfortable asking people to pay for the value I provide.I choose a price that accurately reflects the value I believe I am offering.I am at peace with charging for my services.
I feel like I am overcharging for my product. I choose a price that reflects the value of my product. If I feel that I am overcharging, I can lower my price, increase the value of my product, or change how I appreciate its value.
People won’t pay me for my product.I can develop an offer that is worth is paying for.People will happily pay me when they see the value that I can offer.  
I am scared of losing clients when I raise my rates.Raising my rates is a good way to find clients who appreciate and benefit from my offer most. I might lose some clients, when I raise my rates, but that’s okay – I trust that more clients will come my way at this new price point. Raising our rates gives clients who don’t appreciate our offer a good excuse to leave. These clients are probably least not as a happy as they could be anyway, and losing them frees up more time and energy to work with our best clients.

Marketing is …

Negative beliefPositive alternative
Marketing involves deceiving others.I can market my business honestly and fairly. I communicate what I can offer as clearly as I can, and then I let the market decide whether that is of value. There are many people who use deceptive techniques to win over customers, but that is not the game that I want to play. I play fairly.
Marketing is about exposing and exploiting my customers’ insecurities.We all have fears and insecurities. The best I can do is to make people aware of these barriers, and offer them a solution that helps them overcome these fears.Many sales people use gimmicky tactics to exploit customers’ weaknesses. But that’s not the way I choose to market my business. I have a set of values that I live by, and honesty is one of them.
Marketing is unethicalMarketing is a way to make people aware of my product or service. Good products and service deserve to be seen. It’s only when they are seen, that people can benefit.There are people who do unethical things, like lying and deceiving others for their own gain. While they may use marketing as medium for their message, it is not marketing that is the problem but their lack of ethical standards. That’s why I use marketing in line with the best ethical standards that I know and live by.

Market conditions

Negative beliefPositive alternative
My market is too difficult.There are other companies succeeding in this market. If I can figure out what value they provide, then I can develop a complementary offer that people will happily pay me for. This is not about the market, but about the right strategy.
People don’t buy … any more.Based on my research, companies sell around … of this product every year. This shows me there is sufficient/insufficient demand.
I don’t have a reputation or credibility in the market yet.People are trusting me, because I am offering value and helping them solve their problems.  

Marketing knowledge

Negative beliefPositive alternative
I don’t know enough about marketing. I am not an expert.I may not know much about marketing yet, but I am willing to learn. I can learn anything I put my mind to.
Marketing is difficult.Marketing is easy to learn. Many other people have learnt how marketing works, which means I can do so too.
I am not naturally good at marketingI can learn how to market my business.My dedication, patience and persistence are much better determinants of long-term marketing success than any innate skills. Even people who are not naturally good at something can become very good with consistent practice.I might not know much about marketing today, but I will in a year’s time. I surround myself with people who are good at marketing, and learn from them as best as I can.  

Beliefs about specific marketing channels

Negative beliefPositive alternative
Advertisements are bad and unethical.I choose a marketing set-up that I feel comfortable with. I use advertisements as a promotional channel only when that benefits me and my customers.
Asking for referrals will annoy my customersWhen I have a good relationship with my customers, and when I am adding value, they will want to refer me to their friends. Asking for referrals is just a way to remind them that they can help their network, if they believe my offer is right for them.